about Fuajia and salted branding, brand and web

I don’t just design brands and websites that look good, I am all about having a strategy to keep customers coming back.

As a business owner, you know that the day you decided to go into business was also the day you realized how many roles you would take on. And nowadays we know that having an online presence is usually part of the business owner package.

Yet it’s kinda hard to do what you love and the myriad of other things that come with it. At some point, completing tasks can feel like just checking a box and can become void of purpose (“I posted on ig today, check!” Trust, I’ve been there).

But, you know it doesn’t have to be this way. That is why I have made connecting businesses to their people my business.

Because what is the point of having an amazing service or product that never reaches those who need it the most?

Fuajia Salted Branding in caramel shirt with caramel background 2

Hi friend!

I am Fuajia, the designer and brand strategist behind Salted Branding. I know you are wondering how to say my name; it is pronounced Fun-jiAH (I bet you didn’t see that N coming!). Philly is my home but I am originally from Cameroon and have lived in a few different places in between. When I am not spending way too much time trying to pick the right fonts and colors, I enjoy…

⬥ Cooking and developing recipes for my blog
⬥ Dancing and creating choreographies that may never see the light of day
⬥ Partaking in different activities with my church family
⬥ Getting quality time with God, family and friends
⬥ And mostly hanging out with myself (cus I’m a big introvert)

I’m that person who would give people my (unasked for) two cents about what is or isn’t working in a business.

Everyone has a thing and looking too closely at things is mine. I’m often pointing at something and either saying “they need to get it together” or “you see, this is how they get you”. The desire to be able to create things that are not only beautiful but are also purposeful is one I have had since I was a kid. So it was only natural that I studied design for undergrad and grad school.

Now, I didn’t always end up in roles that allowed me to create, which made me long to work for myself. I started my share of ventures in the past and one thing I noticed was that creating them was my favorite part. I remember thinking, if only I could just help people create their businesses, set them up for success, that would be my dream job.

Fast forward a few years and I realized that developing brands is what I have been trying to do this whole time! Now I wake up in the morning, often before my alarm, with ideas buzzing in my head, and eager to sit at my desk and get to work. (Tell me you love what you do without telling me.)

I care a lot about…


Developing a good understanding of someone is essential for me to truly help them.


Being transparent and communicative helps me build trusting relationships.


My thirst for more knowledge and growth never stops, which only makes me better.


The most exceptional, customer centered results are born from working together.

“No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden”

What Jesus said. And that is how I feel about creators and problem solvers who are gems hidden in poor branding. He also said “you are the salt of the earth” and that is who I aim to be; the salt that brings out the unique flavors of your brand (hence “Salted Branding”).

Your amazing brand is about to be revealed and I am here for it. Are you ready to create a brand that is as brilliant as you are?